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West Sussex Instructor Profiles

Choosing a driving school is always a difficult choice and there are many factors to be taken into account.

All of our instructors are fully qualified and collectively have a very high rate of first time passes.

Our aim is to teach the skills and considerations required to be a safe and confident driver rather than teaching to just ‘pass a test’. This ethos has proved to be a very successful way of developing learner drivers, resulting in a higher success rate.


Qualifications: Fully Qualified ADI

ADI Since: September 2014

Areas Covered: Horsham, Southwater, Billingshurst, Crawley

The excitement and that freedom feeling I got when I passed my driving test was one of the reasons why I trained to be a Driving Instructor. I wanted to educate drivers, especially young drivers who would experience those exact same feelings, and to help give them a better understanding of the dangers and the responsibility that gaining your licence brings.

Having qualified with extremely high marks and positive feedback from the Senior Examiner, I joined the team at Stay Safe Driving School as I love what they stand for – not just getting people through the test but giving them the knowledge and the skills needed to drive safely out on the road.


Qualifications: Fully Qualified ADI, Pass Plus Registered, Drive iQ PRO Coach, EST Trainer

ADI Since: April 2010

Areas Covered: Crawley, Horsham, Horley

I passed my car driving test in 1983 and, like so many young drivers, was involved in a serious collision within my first year as a newly qualified driver. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured but for me it was a shock and a very real reminder of the dangers of driving and the responsibility that goes with it.

Along with being a PSV driver in a previous career, and holding a Class 1 HGV licence, I also ride a motorcycle in my free time and therefore fully understand the risks presented to all road users.

Over the years, I noticed that many peoples driving habits were becoming poor and often dangerous. I wondered if people that were learning to drive were being taught correctly or were taught anything about driver behaviour and taking risks. Due to this, I decided to train as a driving instructor because I wanted to put the many years of driving experience I had to good use. I had a broad knowledge base and unique set of skills that could benefit others, particularly new or inexperienced drivers.

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I joined Stay Safe Driving School after investigating the company background further. Everything I discovered appealed to me. The reason why Stay Safe was founded, their beliefs and experience gained from partnerships with a number of Fire Services and other Road Safety organisations. Unlike the large national driving schools, the founder of Stay Safe – Steve Lintott personally selects instructors by assessment to ensure that they are highly motivated and have the ambition to portray the important safety messages, teaching everything correctly.

It is vital that young and inexperienced drivers are better educated to deal with modern roads and traffic situations. As well as learning to drive the vehicle I want to help them to understand more about driver attitude and behaviour, distractions in the car, how to prevent getting into a situation where the risk can become far greater with the potential to hurt themselves or others.

Once we have learnt, driving or riding is a seemingly simple task and as a general rule we do tend to take it for granted, however it’s also a dangerous task that can have serious consequences when things go wrong, we tend to forget that, usually until it’s too late.


Qualifications: Fully Qualified ADI, Pass Plus Registered, Drive iQ PRO Coach, EST Trainer

ADI Since: May 2009

Areas Covered: Steyning, Worthing, Storrington, Billingshurst, Horsham

I am a retired pilot and flying instructor, married with two teenage children. In 2011, I taught my daughter to drive so I am aware of the freedom and independence it brings, but also the great risks faced by new drivers unless they are well trained.

I joined Stay Safe in 2009 from a well known South Coast driving school because I was impressed by the professionalism and commitment to reducing new driver accident rates.

Like every member of our team, I am dedicated to passing on my knowledge and experience to ensure that you do more than simply pass the test and that you become a safe, competent driver.


Qualifications: Fully Qualified ADI, Pass Plus Registered, Drive iQ PRO Coach, EST Trainer

ADI Since:

Areas Covered: