Under 17's Driving Experience

The Under 17’s Driving Experience is an initiative by Stay Safe Driving School which aims to encourage earlier development of better driving skills and attitudes for tomorrow’s drivers…

Statistics reveal that lack of experience causes many newly qualified drivers to have accidents. Studies in Sweden show that teaching drivers at an earlier age can reduce accidents by a staggering 40%.

Stay Safe is a multi award winning driving school with a safety first approach to ensure the next generation of young drivers are better educated and equipped to deal with 21st century life on the road.

Young Drivers are able to start developing their skills in a safe and controlled environment and gain this valuable experience behind the wheel of a car before the required provisional licence age of 17.

Training is provided by fully qualified driving instructors using dual-controlled cars on a realistic facility at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome on the outskirts of Horsham, West Sussex.

Our overall aim is simple: To give young drivers a safer and more responsible start when they take to the roads for the first time…