Mock Tests

Mock Tests

“To be confident of success in any examination, it is important to know what is expected of you during the exam…”

When it comes to driving tests, Stay Safe Driving School feels that there are very clear advantages to providing students who are learning to drive with the opportunity to take a simulated ‘Mock Test’.

The advantages to you as the student are:

A true representation of how you would perform in test conditions, demonstrating any areas of weakness that may not show in a more relaxed training session

You can gain a full understanding of the exact structure of the test, from signing the documents, eyesight test and ‘Show Me This could save you unnecessary costs of re-tests.

Timing Of Your Mock Test?

The timing of your mock test is crucial – too early and it would be an inaccurate assessment, whilst leaving it too late could result in not having enough time to work on any points raised.

Ideally, the mock test should be conducted 3-4 weeks before the date of your DVSA practical driving test. This leaves enough time to discuss and remedy any points that may arise.

Interested In Booking A Mock Test?

It is important to make the mock test as realistic as possible, therefore all of our instructors have been specially trained to conduct mock tests.

Your mock test can therefore be carried out by another Stay Safe Driving School instructor who is unfamiliar with you or your standard of driving.

From experience we have seen how differently a student can respond in a quieter atmosphere, where only the directions are given and there is a minimal amount of conversation.

Mock tests are an excellent complement to a structured approach to learning to drive and we at Stay Safe Driving School have seen a massive boost to our pass rates as a result.

Speak with your Stay Safe Driving School instructor or contact our Head Office on 0800 999 2500 for more details or to arrange a mock test.

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